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MULTITRAX - 3D FITNESS s.r.o. - Step Mechanic

Step Mechanic

Katalogové číslo: ASTEPME193

Step MechanicCena vč. DPH: 999,00 Kč

Sazba DPH: 19%

Obchod: 3D FITNESS s.r.o. (plátce DPH: ano)

Dostupnost: Dle obchodních podmínek



With Rebecca Small • 130 Mins. - All hail... the return of the Step Queen! Teaching step classes is a mechanical and analytical process that also requires an element of creativity. Rebecca takes the guess work out of this complex process by providing you with a DVD that is not only full of creativity, but one that is logical, balanced and with seamless learning curves. Rebecca’s DVD’s will give you endless possibilities and ideas to incorporate into your step classes tomorrow. Suitable for all instructors, at all stages of their teaching career, a must for anyone looking to advance their teaching skills & the creative abilities. Rebecca always uses “The Balanced Way” method of teaching which ensures your combinations are always symmetric from beginning to end. Interactive Chapter Menu includes: includes: 13 Step Choreography Sequences (60 min total) • Multiple levels shown for each combination Zap to a Block enables you to find sections easily