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Katalogové číslo: ASTEPFO192

STEP FORMULACena vč. DPH: 999,00 Kč

Sazba DPH: 19%

Obchod: 3D FITNESS s.r.o. (plátce DPH: ano)

Dostupnost: Dle obchodních podmínek



The Step Formula Workshop - Symmfit Systems with Rebecca Small - Rebecca is back with a workshop that highlights her world renowned teaching methods and some tricks of the trade. One of the problems facing every group fitness instructor is the lack of a repeatable teaching system, that makes both the instructor's life, and the participant's lives, simpler. Symmfit Systems is a new, complete approach to teaching classes that is easy to understand, and is easily repeatable. Rebecca gives you templates, and shows you how to use these templates thus taking the guess work out of creating balanced classes & breaking down choreography. This DVD is an inspiration for anyone who does not quite understand the structure or the methodology behind teaching balanced step classes. The choreography is simple and suitable for the novice step instructor trying to improve their step skills. Rebecca has a background in Sports Science and is a qualified Naturopath. She left her home of Sydney 8 years ago to pursue a career in International Presenting. Having presented in more than 35 countries around the world. Rebecca is well known for her memorable sessions. A Step specialist Rebecca is highly sought after and consistently delivers cutting edge choreography showcased within seamless learning and teaching progressions.