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MULTITRAX - 3D FITNESS s.r.o. - Step 2 Success

Step 2 Success

Katalogové číslo: ASTEP2S024B

Step 2 SuccessCena vč. DPH: 999,00 Kč

Sazba DPH: 19%

Obchod: 3D FITNESS s.r.o. (plátce DPH: ano)

Dostupnost: Dle obchodních podmínek



The secret to “Step 2 Success” lies in achievable choreography, seamless learning curves and a good workout. The most successful Step trainers are those who con-sistently deliver choreography that is well taught, comfortable and easy to follow. These elements and more are featured in this educational DVD. Rebecca takes you on a journey, exploring elements of variation direction and rhythm, providing you with endless ideas and combinations for your Step classes. Rebecca always uses “The Balanced Way” method of teaching, which ensures your combinations are always symmetrical from beginning to end. Step to Success gives you all of the tools you need to create and teach logical, creative Step classes that are easy to teach and enjoyable to perform. DVD Bonus Features - Bonus Blocks of choreography from other Evolution step releases. The “How to make an Evolution video” behind the scenes feature.