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MULTITRAX - 3D FITNESS s.r.o. - Multi Tempo 19

Multi Tempo 19

Katalogové číslo: MMTE2806

Multi Tempo 19Cena vč. DPH: 899,00 Kč

Sazba DPH: 19%

Obchod: 3D FITNESS s.r.o. (plátce DPH: ano)

Dostupnost: Dle obchodních podmínek



BPMCD1Workout 1
1281Feedback (Moto Blanco mix) - Janet Jackson
1282American Boy (Soul Seekerz Remix) - Estelle
1293Rush on me (Moto Blanco Mix) - Eighteen
1304Denial (Ian Carey Mix) - Sugababes
1305Push up on me (Moto Blanco mix) - Rihanna
1316Let it go (Moto Blanco Mix) - Brit & Alex
1317Keep love together - Love to infinity
1328Mercy (Dance Remix) - Duffy
1329We cry (Dance Mix) - The Script
13310AM to PM (Wideboys club Mix) - Loveshy
13311I can't wait (7th Heaven Remix) - Kurtis Mantronix
13412Us against the world (Wideboys Club Mix) - Westlife
13413Touch my body (Seamus Haji Remix) - Mariah Carey
13514Cry for you (Dave Romone Dance Mix) - September
13615If you love me - Buzz Junkies feat. Elesha
13716Need you tonight - SW 14
13817Mysterious times (7th Heaven Remix) - Sash
  Intro: 2x 32c - Choreo: 6x 32c - Break: 3x 32c - Choreo: 6x 32c
13518Feedback vs Watch out - Janet Jackson vs Alex Gaudino
  Intro: 3x 32c - Choreo: 4x 32c - Break: 3x 32c - Choreo: 4x 32c
135194 Minutes - Madonna & Justin
 20Never let u go - Janet Jackson
BPMCD2Workout 2
1351Thriller - Richard Grey
1352Trippin on you - Cahill
1363Everything is Beautiful (Solitaire Mix) - Static Revenger
1364U & I - Dhany
1375Love like this (Johnny Vicious Dance Mix) - Natasha Bedingfield
1376Right by your side - N-Force vs Darren Styles
1387Push up word up - Freestylers
1388Happiness - Sound de Zign
1399Someday - Wez Clarke
13910Another love - Mac Project
13911Music is my life - Dennis Christopher
140124 Minutes (Dance Mix) - Madonna & Justin
14013In my arms (Steve Pitron Mix) - Kylie Minogue
14114Toca's miracle 2008 - Fragma
14115When I close my eyes - Dougal & Gammer ft. Jenna
14216Chasing cars - Booty Callers
14217Bleeding love - Klubkidz feat. Sam Solace
  Intro: 3x 32c - Choreo: 3x 32c - Break: 3x 32c - Choreo: 3x 32c
13518Mercy - Duffy
  Intro: 3x 32c - Choreo: 3x 32c - Break: 3x 32c - Choreo: 3x 32c
13819Happiness - Sound de Zign
 20Bye, bye - Mariah Carey