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Brenton Andreoli: Interview 2013

When and why did you start Sport Aerobics? Have you ever thought about changing to a different sport?
I started training for Aerobics in the year 2004, I was aged 10. I began Sport Aerobics because my primary school was heavily involved, and my current teacher was the head of the aerobics squad. My teacher, Mary Luke, told me to try it and from there I fell in love with it.
I never considered leaving Sport Aerobics, but I used to be a competitive swimmer, once I reached 16 I became too busy to keep doing both sports, so I quit swimming and continued with Sport Aerobics.

What is your biggest success within Sport Aerobics?
My biggest success in Sport Aerobics would have to be winning the gold medal at the 2010 FISAF World Championships in my first year in the Senior Individual Men category, I was only 17  and the youngest in the category.
Although this year in Belgrade came close, as I won two gold medals, one in the Senior Individual Men category and one in the Senior Mixed Pairs.

What would you say about the last World Championship in Belgrade?
The World Championship in Belgrade was one of my favourites. The competition ran smoothly, the competitors were friendly, the competition had a very high standard and the atmosphere altogether was fantastic. I’m sure each individual would recall this Championship differently, but personally it was one of my favourites.

What is the biggest difference you see between competitors from the Czech Republic verses Australia?
The biggest difference I see between Australian and Czech athletes would have to be the style of aerobics.  Czech routines are much more precise in their movements, mainly in regards to team categories, and in these same sections Australia will often lean towards the interpretation of the music and words, precision comes 2nd in Australia, but 1st in the Czech Republic.
For individual categories I believe each athlete has their own style regardless of what country they are from. An individual must find the style that works best for them and stick to it, as I’m sure many individuals within the Czech Republic do not have similar styles and the same goes for athletes in Australia.

What made you make the decision to stay longer in the Czech Republic?
Firstly my love for anything to do with aerobic made me want to stay in the Czech Republic longer, I would like to help develop the sport further and help as many athletes as possible. I love seeing others achieve what they have worked so hard for, as I know how much love and time goes into training for aerobics.
Another reason I wanted to stay longer was the friends I now have here, all of which I’ve made through World championships, and seeing them just once a year wasn’t enough.

Brenton Andreoli: Na co se ptala Kateřina Šmejkalová


text: Katerina Smejkalova, foto: archiv – 23. 12. 2013, 15.50:24


reklama na facebooku - od aerobiku přes jogu a pilates až po zumbu